Introducing The Countryman Last

The Zonkey Boot Countryman is a casual looking, sophisticated last which we created with mixed and rough terrain in mind. It has a roundly shaped toe box and is suitable for all hand welted and Norvegese sole constructions.
The slim waist keeps the foot from slipping forward when walking downhill, while extra space is given at the toe area. For less friction at the ankles, the leg part is slightly trumpet shaped. The arch support and all other fitting characteristics for which our classic boots lasts are known for have been integrated in the Countryman as well.
This new last is true to size and comes in the same range of fittings with standard UK E and non-standard UK D, EE or H available for pre-orders and MTOs.
The newly introduced toe cap derby boot style ZB 199 HUGO and its more eccentric plain vamp companion ZB 217 LORENZ (pictured above) are equipped with the new Vibram Gumlite Commando sole.
The horsehide version ZB 217 ROAN sports a brick-coloured Vibram Poro sole, which can be ordered in nearly black as well. Both soles are highly insulating, slip proof and abrasion resistant at very low weight. Despite their thickness both are flexible and very comfortable to wear.