Zonkey Boot made-to-order hand welted chukka bootsAt Zonkey Boot, we manufacture only a limited number of pairs per style, in a particular upper material, colour, sole construction and sole type. But our collection of over 100 design patterns and wide choice of leathers, with specific tanning properties and in various colours and textures, combined with various sole constructions and sole materials serve as a base for thousands of possible variations.

The Made-To-Order (MTO) service gives you the choice to order a pair of Zonkey Boot shoes or boots according to your personal preferences and needs or wardrobe style.

For every custom made pair, the patterns, upper leathers, soles, lasts and many more components are hand picked and singularly handled during the manufacturing process. Some of the machines have to be re-adjusted for each of these pairs coming up in line.


Zonkey Boot made-to-order hand welted split-toe Norwegian derby shoesRanging from dress shoes and classic oxfords, to moccasins, working or hiking boots and casual sneakers, our collection of patterns has been created with the idea to cover most gentlemen’s needs in terms of high quality, well made and comfortable footwear for almost every occasion.

Lasts and fittings

Zonkey Boot wooden lasts for hand welted shoes and bootsBasically, all Zonkey Boot lasts are available for our Made-To-Order service and some of the patterns are interchangeable with more than one last model. On request, we can offer some of our lasts also in UK D, UK EE and in our special European hybrid H fitting. To find out more about the lasts' characteristics and various fittings, we invite you to consult our Shoe Guide.

Upper leathers and colours

Zonkey Boot made-to-order Penny loafers made from crocodile leatherA variety of calf and bovine leathers, with a classic or casual character smooth or embossed and colourful calf suedes are available to choose from. Many of our styles are also suitable for combining materials and colours to create two-tone or bi-material models. Leathers from exotic animals like crocodile, elephant, ostrich, lizard or kangaroo are also accessible. Browse the MTO Swatch Book.

Sole constructions

Zonkey Boot Bologna college loafersWhich construction one prefers is mainly an aesthetic decision. Norwegian and storm welts create a similar silhouette, showing upper and sole as a tight-knit unit. The hand welted construction elevates the shoe optically from the sole and gives it a more curvy appearance. Welted shoes, even when insulated with rubber soles, come with rounded sole edges and fiddled waists, whereas Norwegian and storm welts are straight trimmed and show stronger waists.

The Bologna and tubular moccasin constructions have no insoles and therefore make flexible and comfortable summer shoes.

If you are interested in our Made-To-Order service, we will assist you with our advice and guidance to assemble all elements available into a beautiful and balanced pair of shoes or boots. For inspiration, we invite you to browse through our Online Shop and through our visual archive which serves as a MTO Lookbook.

To initiate the conversation about your own pair of personalised of shoes, please contact us using the form below.