All our shoes are offered in UK full and half sizes. The conversion table below shows how to convert from one sizing system to another.


Most of the Zonkey Boot shoes on our online store come in standard UK E fitting. On request, we offer three additional fittings for customised pre-orders or made-to-order shoes: UK D, UK EE and European hybrid H.

Our standard UK E is meant to fit a rather athletic foot of average proportions and is on the comfortable side. This fitting is the equivalent of F fitting in the European system, which is based on centimetres. While our linings are marked with European fittings, we use on our website the more internationally known British fitting system, which is based on inches.

Our UK D is the equivalent of European E fitting, which is a regular/narrow fitting. In comparison to our standard UK E fitting (or European F), the circumference at the ball and instep is 5 millimetre smaller. Overall, classic welted shoes made in this fitting appear slightly slimmer.

Our UK EE fitting is the equivalent of European G fitting and is a regular/wide fitting. As the UK D fitting last is graded down from UK E fitting, the UK EE is graded up and has 5 millimetres more in circumference. The change of visual proportions of shoes made on our UK EE lasts compared to the UK E last is insignificant.

Our special H fitting is a hybrid between European G at the ball and European H in the instep area. (In the UK fitting system, this would translate into EE/EEE fitting at the ball with a high instep.)
We developed this hybrid fitting as an alternative for customers with feet exceeding average proportions, who have a high instep or strong ankles and who experience problems with getting into oxfords and loafers or a wide distance between the shoe facings with laced standard fitting shoes. The silhouette of shoes built on this last is almost as slim and elegant as the silhouette of shoes in standard fitting. The extra volume is only visible in the side elevation and not from a top view.

FITTING CONVERSION narrow standard wide special

Zonkey Boot / EU system




Hybrid H

UK system




EE/EEE + high instep

US system




EE/EEE + high instep


IMPORTANT NOTE: All shoes ordered in UK D, UK EE or our hybrid EU H fittings are considered customised, but this customisation is offered free of charge. If you wish to order a pair of Zonkey Boot shoes or boots in any of these non-standard fittings, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.



Zonkey Boot shoes lasts, size and fitting

Our approach to last making is rooted in orthopaedic functionality and timeless aesthetics. Most of our lasts have a good measure of extra length in the toe box, which slims their silhouette and gives extra space for movement of the toes.
A correctly elongated last allows customers with narrow feet to take a half size shorter and still not be endangered to touch the tip of the shoes with their toes.
The metatarsal area of our lasts is fashioned as close to the foot anatomy as possible without compromising the manufacturing process. (Lasts for highly industrialised production tend to be more symmetrical and avoid pronounced concave areas.) The pronounced arch built into our lasts supports the foot perceptibly, resulting in less tired feet after hours of wearing.
It is never only the shape of the tip which makes the shape of a shoe. Besides balanced proportions, it is the interplay of concave and convex forms on the last which creates significance and gives shoes a slim and elegant waist.

This last is a classic all-purpose last showing a very slightly stubbed tip and mildly walled sides and hence being perfectly suited for hand welted footwear of all sorts. It is based on a 2 cm heel spring, though the visible appearance of the heel might be higher, depending on the thickness of the sole.
Casual, but still rakish in its coachwork, it is an outstanding last for plain boots like Jodhpurs or Chelseas and by far the best last for our wholecut derby boot.
The standard fitting of the Sailor last correlates to the standard UK E fitting with a generous instep. For customers who consider themselves to have narrow feet we recommend to order rather a half size shorter.

In its back part structure, the Classic is based on the Sailor last. By giving the toe box an almond shape, the last becomes what we consider a true classic last. We reckon that the Classic is the ideal last for all types of brogues, oxfords and slip-ons.
Regarding fitting and sizing what has been said about the Sailor counts also for the Classic last.
In comparison to the Classic, our High Street last shows a mildly chiseled toe box and it is ideal for dress shoes. Shoes on this last have the same fit as the ones on the Sailor and Classic last.

This is the most casual last of the classic lasts family and regarding its fitting features and sophistication we are bragging internally that it meets military grade expectations.
It was originally developed as a boot last, while the low-cut shoe version was later added to the range. However, it fits true to size as all our other lasts and makes beautiful, masculine boots and shoes. Preferably in heavier leathers and with thicker soles.

The structure of this last is fashioned to avoid gaping of the sidelines and slipping of the heel, thus meeting the fitting requirements of slip-ons and loafers. For most customers, the last fits true to other Zonkey Boot classic lasts. Customers with narrow feet, can go down half a size from their laced shoes size. For considerably high insteps or flat feet we recommend you to contact us before ordering.

With walled sides and flattened apron, the College last is built for moccasins and slip-ons with a reduced heel spring of 1.5 cm. The relatively short vamp and the edge on the apron gives this last its typical penny loafer shape.
In order to avoid gaping of the top-line at the inside arch area, we refrained from building in the arch support which most of our lasts have. Otherwise, the UK E College last fits true to size with our other UK E fitting lasts. If you have a particularly high or low instep we recommend you to contact us before ordering.
This last is built for tubular moccasins with a heel spring of 1.5 cm. Since moccasins often come in soft materials, we recommend choosing rather half a size shorter than longer in case of doubt.
As an all-round sports shoe last, the Road Runner’s structure is different from our lasts developed for hand welted and Blake-stitched shoes. Its orthopaedic characteristics are similar to all our other lasts, but here they are achieved through a sophisticated orthotic cork inlay covered in calf lining.
The inlay is not glued to the insole and can be removed easily. Since the insole is made entirely from bovine neck leather, shoes on the Road Runner last can be worn without the inlay as well. The last is rather on the generous side and customers with slim feet should rather go for half a size smaller compared to our welted shoes.
The Parachute is developed out of a heavy duty military last, only that we built in the necessary space for a mild form of orthotics. The heel spring is 1.5 cm. The cork inlays the shoes are delivered with can easily be replaced with personal inlays. So again, if in doubt, better choose half a size shorter if your feet are rather on the narrow side.