• Online Boutique
    Opened in 2011, the Zonkey Boot mono brand online boutique offers a limited selection of hand welted classic and casual shoes and boots, as well as leisure footwear, fitted trees, made-to-measure belts and exclusive series of shoes in unique leathers.
    The Shelf
  • Made-To-Order
    Our Zonkey Boot Made-to-Order program offers customers the opportunity to have a personalised pair of shoes with a number of options for styles, upper leathers, colours, different sole constructions or special features like entirely hand sewn uppers.
    MTO Program
  • About Us
    Zonkeys, the animals, are crossbreeds between wildly beautiful zebras and hardwearing donkeys. These are the defining qualities we transfer to our products in order to create understated luxury that can easily be recognised anywhere and by anybody who pays attention to beauty and quality.
    The Story
  • The Craft
    Zonkey Boot shoes show a minimum of decoration and the maximum of shape and form. The utmost attention is paid to lasts, pattern cutting, materials and making. The recipe may seem simple but, nevertheless, these ingredients need expert craftsmanship to give an outstanding shoe.
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The journal
Zonkey Boot hand welted field boots
The Blucher Boot
Though the pedigree of SUVs, aviator’s watches or Blucher boots might not be obvious, it is their military background that gives these objects a more masculine touch, which a Balmoral Oxford might lack. The Modern Boot And Shoe Maker's 1917 edition refers to the 18th century Prussian general Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher as the inventor of the original modern army…
Zonkey Boot hand welted Balmoral boots from black calf leather and suede
The Balmoral
The origin of the Balmoral oxford goes back to the middle of the 19th century when boots had become the most common form of footwear for both men and women. The story says that Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, who paid great attention to his appearance and had a high influence on the male fashion of the time,…