Our handmade belts are fitted to the precise length you will request during the ordering process. That is why a belt order is always considered a Made-to-Measure (MTM) order for which returns and size exchanges are not accepted.

In order to find out your accurate belt size we recommend two different methods:

1. Place your preferred belt flat on a table and take the measure from the hole which fits best to the tip of the buckle’s spike. Best is to use a flexible tailor measuring tape as it can follow the curve of the belt.

2. Pull a tailor measuring tape into the belt loops of your trousers, as you would do with any belt. Then pull as tight as you like to wear your belt and read the measure. This is your belt size. Please note that the measure of your Made-to-Measure belt must be expressed in centimetres.

The ZONKEY BOOT belts come with five holes. The belt size (in cm) chosen by you will be measured from the middle hole to the tip of the buckles spike.

The buckle is fixed to the belt by a leather loop and two bolts. Therefore, if necessary the belt can be further shortened from the buckle’s end without opening and re-stitching any seams. We recommend having this adjustment made in a leather goods or shoe repair shop.

Since the buckle is genuine silver-plated it can oxidate and show a black patina. For re-polishing, we recommend demounting the buckle by unscrewing the two bolts on the inside of the buckle. No screwdriver is necessary as the bolts have liftable little handles built in.

All seams on our belts are made by hand. The stitch is called TWIST and is a ZONKEY BOOT Registered Design. Stitch by stitch, each hole is pricked with an awl and then threaded. It takes several hours to complete a belt.

Lined belts usually have an inlay from synthetic materials, which defines the profile and the softness. In the case of our belts the lining is the actual inlay. We use 3mm thick vegetable tanned neck leather, which is skived to the belt’s profile and directly stitched to the outside leather.