Zonkey Boot at Schuhmann Wien

It took a while until we found our way into Bettina Stättner’s excellent shoe shop in Vienna. The ambience is solid and elegant with an unpretentious atmosphere. It is located in the stunning arcade of the Palais Ferstel neighbouring the famous Café Central, right in the heart of the centre of Vienna.

Besides a carefully curated selection of men’s brands she offers bags and purses of her own design and in leathers which she resources by herself. And of course she carries a fine selection of gloves from TR Handschuhe. No wonder, since Mrs. Stättner runs this fine Viennese brand of hand crafted gloves together with her husband Thomas Riemer. What makes Schuhmann Wien really intriguing for us and any shoe connoisseur is the owner’s expertise. She has a degree from the famous German vocational school for the shoe industry in Pirmasens and talks shoes as a pro.

We are pleased to let you know that starting this autumn she has added Zonkey Boot to her selection of fine men’s shoes. Don’t hesitate to pay her a visit whenever you are in town.

Michael Rollig

August 2015

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