As a high-end shoe brand, Zonkey Boot produces only a limited number of pairs (8-12) per version (a version is defined by a style or pattern in a particular material and colour, sole construction and sole option etc). At any given time, only a limited number of pairs of a particular version is available through our retailers, including our online boutique. While the Permanent Collection on our website shows a greater number of styles and versions, some of them are collection samples which have been finally manufactured in another material or colour exclusively for one of our retailers, while others have been manufactured as MTOs for our customers.


MTO is an acronym for made-to-order shoes that are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications as a single pair order. Basically, an MTO service offers a number of options in terms of pattern, last, material and colour, sole and so on and it is meant to make a dream come true at reasonable costs and within a reasonable time.

If you are interested in a special shoe and you have a Zonkey Boot retailer in your area, please contact them and enquire about our MTO program. If you have no such retailer in the city, then place an enquiry with us. Normally we recommend MTOs to our existing customers, but if you don’t own a pair of ZB and wish your first one to be special, we will do our best to advise you on size and fitting. It would help if you tell us what size and fitting you wear with other brands and how you consider your feet to be in terms of width, instep etc. You can either write us an e-mail at or call us at +43 664 4326 700, every day during business hours.


Made-to-order shoes are offered under different terms and conditions than the pre-order or stock items that can be purchased from our online boutique. Basically there is an up-charge of 30% on the regular price, with 50% advance payment required at the placement of your order and the rest plus shipping costs due before delivery. The estimated dispatch time is between 10 and 14 weeks, necessary to produce your pair. In case it might take longer than that for various reasons (missing material from stock, holidays etc), you will be informed upfront, when we discuss your order.

MTO shoes on our Sailor, Classic, High Street or Traveller, basically all lasts that we use for classic hand welted, Norvegese and Blake-stitched shoes, come with complementary fitted trees.

Since MTOs are specifically made according to a customer’s wishes, they are always considered final sales and cannot be returned. That is why we strongly recommend to first time customers to purchase rather a pair of shoes from our stock or, if the desired size of a stock model is not available, to pre-order it without any upcharge and the full right of return or size exchange. For further information on payment methods, conditions for cancelling an order or shipping options, please read our Terms & Conditions, which also cover MTOs.


As mentioned above, our production is based on small series and to complete a production cycle, a shoe passes many workstations. For each article to be put in production, the patterns, upper materials, soles, lasts and many more components have to be hand picked from stock and made available at the right moment at the workstation where they are needed. Some machines have to be re-adjusted for a new article coming up in line. These preparatory works necessary to execute the actual work operation on the shoe consume basically the same amount of time for one pair as for ten or fifty pairs. The same can be said for the administration and organisation of  single pairs in the production flow.


First and most important is the style; in our Permanent Collection as well as on our web shop, styles are defined by a three-digit number which basically denominates the pattern. You may choose to order any style on a certain last, in a material and colour of your choice.

While we offer the possibility to choose the colour of the thread for various shoes with hand sewn aprons, the TWIST – a stitch that is a registered Zonkey Boot design for entirely hand sewn uppers – is limited to three options: white/red, red/black and white/black. The regular sewing thread for the machine stitched uppers comes always tone-in-tone.

We have several colour options for the leather lining and several sole constructions and sole options, which can come in different sole edge colours.

Equally important is that within our MTO program we offer a second fitting. Our regular fitting is a UK E, but all our lasts and models are available in a so-called H fitting, which is a hybrid between a G fitting at the ball (or EE fitting for American customers) and an H fitting at the instep (the equivalent of US fitting EEE). All our H fitting lasts are based on the same outline as our UK E fitting lasts. So there is a considerable increase of volume compared to the E fitting without loosing the last’s elegant appearance.

On special request, we can produce odd paired shoes and sizes bigger than UK 12 or smaller than UK 5.

Nevertheless there are limitations. Not all our styles can be made on each and every of our lasts, for technical  and aesthetic reasons. We are not altering patterns to match different design expectations than ours and we are not altering or fitting the customer’s lasts. We also do not offer monograms, nor metal tips on the soles and we do not make shoes from the customer’s own leather or upper material.

Our MTO program refers mostly to the Zonkey Boot classic collection and less to urban sports and leisure shoes that have prefabricated soles; if you are interested in these two groups of shoes, please contact us and we will tell you if we can fulfill your order, based on the availability of the soles in our stock.


If you wish to place an order for MTO shoes, please contact us either by using the Contact form on our website or by writing us an e-mail at We kindly ask you to mention the style, upper leather and sole construction you are interested in, your size and fitting and, if you wish to have a price quotation, the country of delivery.

Prices depend on the options you will finally choose, but for a first orientation it is helpful to compare a similar article from our online boutique and add 30% on the regular product price.

If you wish to proceed, we will assist you in choosing materials and colours and will remain at your disposal to discuss the options in detail.

If you are looking for inspiration, our Permanent Collection is a good place to start. You will also find many shoe photograhps on our Photo Blog or Instagram account, as well as in our Online Boutique.